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Dear Friends

Shortly before Christopher passed away in December last year he afforded me the privilege of chairing the Executive of Niños del Tercer Mundo.  The small but wonderfully committed team have work tirelessly to develop the strategy to take this charity forward. You would think that is an easy task but in spite of all our efforts it has demanded time and effort in getting the various legalities and banking mandates sorted to allow us to move forward. The good news is that we were almost there when this lock-down struck and scuppered our plans.

We were excited that arrangements were being finalised for a Commemorative Dinner Dance at Hotel Costa Calero on May 9th to celebrate the life of our founders – Gill and Christopher David. At that function we planned to give the good news of being able to fund the next phase of support to the Kete Alaga Primary School in Ethiopia with a classroom extension under the supervision of Roddy Benjamin. We will provide the materials and the community will build. What an exciting project this is.

So dear friends, this virus will not stop us. We will continue with this support and

provide the funding – approximately €9500. There are no administration costs and Roddy Benjamin, our man on the ground, will oversee and drive the work on our behalf.

Sadly, because of the Coronavirus we have had to cancel the dinner/dance at the beginning of May – but I think we will all need a really great night out to celebrate at the end of it all – and no better way to do it by commemorating the life and witness of our dear founders. Watch this space – and we will advise you as soon as we are clear to fix a new date for this long overdue celebration.

I give thanks for NTM and you its people. You demonstrate true compassion and care.        This wretched virus has shown the worst in some across the globe, but more

importantly far more who have shown what true care and compassion is all about.. Never forget:

All will come good – and perhaps we will cherish life

and each other more when all of this is over’ 


Stay well. Stay safe.


Every blessing and sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your support. On behalf of Gill and Christopher – I thank you.


Stan Evans – Chair of the Executive Council – Niños del Tercer Mundo

26th March 2020


About Niños del Tercer Mundo

NTM is a registered charity concerned with the welfare and education of children living in developing countries. We are based in Lanzarote; the charity was started in the mid 1990′s by Gill and Christopher David. While helping to build two one-room schools in Peru, they were asked if there was anything they could do to help bring water to thousands of poverty-stricken families living in cardboard shacks on steep hillsides near Lima, Peru. The total lack of running water and sanitation had led to outbreaks of disease, including widespread tuberculosis. This was to be the start of the Charity’s first large-scale project.

In 2006 the Charity commenced building a school in Huanca Pallaguchi, Ecuador. The main project was completed in 2007 at a cost of 43,000 euros. Our focus then moved to providing education and health facilities to families in Kenya. We have built and equipped schools and individual classrooms and a health clinic with the collaboration of Nelson & Co. This brought vital primary care to thousands of people who prior to this had no medical facilities in their area.

Having been run informally for many years, the Charity became a legally incorporated body in 2006. Since 2006 we have had various projects, information on projects can be found on the Projects tab.  Our focus has always been to provide people with the means by which they can improve their own lives and the lives of their families. We believe there is something all of us can do to bridge the gap between our so-called first world; and the lack of food, water, education and adequate housing in the developing world. Please consider becoming an Associate Member or making a donation. Your support is greatly appreciated.

NTM raises funds through a wide variety of local events and the generosity of its supporters in Lanzarote, Spain and around the world. All of the money raised by the Charity goes directly to the projects.

NTM Trustees & Officers

  • Christopher David – Founder
  • Rev Stan Evans – Chairman
  • Julie Haigh – Vice Chair & Events
  • Samantha Coker – Secretary
  • Gill Crew – Treasurer
  • Jessica Fenner – Membership
  • Rosemary Nightingale – Trustee

Make a Donation

Donations are greatly appreciated, our aims can only be realised by the generosity of our supporters. Please contact us if you are able to help.

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