Easter FairTias woke up on Easter Day to the sound of Kevin’s voice, “Another winner!” The luckless man, wanting whisky, collected his lollipop.

Tias Market was humming, not with stalls of local vegetables but food and drink, games, clothes, bric-a-brac and children. Never before had they been photographed in the arms of a live Teddy Bear, in front of a beautiful back cloth, painted by the artist Brynette, with help from her husband Alan. Never before had they seen such a large and handsome white rabbit, knocked over tins and skittles, painted eggs with painted faces, juggled and jumped (alas no, the wind was too strong for Sally Ann’s Bouncy Castle). Cllr. Gertraut, stood in for the Mayor, and the sun came out.

Thanks to Pauline (designer), Roger, Lindsey and Colourworks for the posters, UKaway and Holidayradio, Chevere and Strawberry Farm, La Cabaña, shops and bars with gifts and bottles. Thanks to all the helpers: Claudine, Linda, Ronn, Ned, Tricia, Arlene, Lisa, Lydia, Sally, Vian, Russell, Jack, Bob, Don, Richard, May, Ricardo, Sue, Lesley, Nina, Eileen, Julia, Betty, Roger, Jack, Paul, Luke, Oli, Max for music, Eileen and Segundo, Alan Harding – who did all the building, preparing, painting and lifting and shifting – and Richard with his wonderful children’s games.

It all added up to 1,116 euros for the Lima water project.