Sponsored WalkThe Matagorda to Arrecife Sponsored Walk took place on a lovely breezy Saturday morning with 21, mostly young Hispano Britanico College students, taking part. The youngest participant was Kim Talbot, aged 4, the daughter of Jack, the Sports master, who organised it all. In these belt tightening days it was a real achievement to raise 355 €, enough to buy over 100 bags of cement for wall building work and the laying of water pipes to homes without water. Clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, and for the loo. There is no more basic necessity for the health of children and whole families.

Those taking part in the walk were: Leanne Collins, Zoe West, Hannah Cumming, George Gooding, Arturo Gil, Alba Franco, Maia Foti, Dunia Rodríguez, Georgia Talbot, Charlotte Walton, Gabriella Dale, Carly Talbot, Claudia Taboada, Simone Cullen, Hitesh Bhagwani, Jitendra Bhagwani, Jack Talbot, Angi Collins, Sue Thain (behind camera) and Christopher David.