A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped on the day and also to those who came on the Saturday, which proved to make life easier on the Sunday. Thanks to Fermin for all the lugging of stuff! Also to the other charities who helped set up the tables and gave support.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and most stall holders have booked for next year.

It could not have been done without all the support that you very kindly gave me. An emotional time for me, the way people can come together to make such a successful event, with thoughts of why we are doing it and who will benefit from it. It was tough going sometimes but I remind myself, nowhere near as tough as the lives of some others in the world, especially those whom we are helping in Kenya.

Rosemary sold out of mince pies very quickly, absorbed by delicious mulled wine which went straight to my head.
Jill had a ‘smashing’ time on the Tombola stall.
Ned, as always, supporting throughout the day, often acting on the spur of the moment, whilst developing photos.
Max had Chrismas melodies playing and announced Santa’s arrival.
Bonney, Cara and Sammy had the kitchen under perfect control.
Liz, was my shadow throughout the day and gave support and help as and where necessary.
Ronn’s enthusiasm and expertise says it all. His assistant Lesley was wonderful too.
Jane Alan and Sue did a wonderful job of getting rid of a lot of stuff, however it seemed to breed and Warren was convinced that he took more back to the garage than he had actually brought. That was due to kind (or not) donations of more stuff to sell. Which included a donation from Claudine & Kevin, which was left outside earlier on in the day, found by the local football team children, who were at the sociedad, and enjoyed every minute of playing with it all! Until rescued by Sammy!

Thanks to Dennis (Santa) who rang me last night and would like a tin, to take around Puerto Del Carmen on Christmas Eve, dressed as Santa, he always does this apparently, but realised that we were such a good cause, that he thought the charity could make some money out of it.

Finally, thanks to the Tias Ayuntamiento for giving us the hall for free.

Well done to everyone we raised a whopping €1473.