Educational Materials & Facilities for Kete Alaga

School library early 2018Our current project is helping Kete Alaga Primary and Secondary schools in Doni, Oromiya province Ethiopia. Roddy Benjamin who works as our liaison officer, works nearby.

The schools have been built but there is no money to equip them!

They have one water tap between the schools so we are providing two water-pumps to pump water to the different buildings.

The library was empty except for piles of spare floor tiles for the children to sit on. The primary school is made of mud with just holes for windows and the school bell is an old wheel rim.School bell

School tap


We have sent funds for as much equipment as possible so it is ready for the children’s return to school for a new year.


school 7


With help from Roddy and workers from a local farm, who have been able to provide much needed local manpower to convert raw steel and wood into desks and chairs.

We have presented the schools with the initial batch of much needed school benches and equipment to aid their learning and provide enhanced opportunities for the children of Kete Alaga schools.


We continue to raise funds to provide more much needed equipment!