Pangani Special School

pangani1Pangani Special School was founded to give children with different disabilities a chance of education. But there are a number of children for whom getting to school at all has been too difficult. Our news is that with the big help of the Lawson Foundation (10.000€) and your support for our fundraising efforts, two large dormitories have been built for boys and girls. This means they can stay at the school from Monday to Friday and return home at week-ends. It also means they will have the luxury of separate shower rooms and loos. The buildings are complete, but work continues on the shower rooms and loos. All should be ready by January and you will see pictures of the children.

Nakuru is located in the former Rift Valley Province, about 90km from Nairobi with the population of approx 1,603,325 people. Pangani Special School is located in the heart of Nakuru less than 2km away from the lake. It aims to support the surrounding community that sadly lacks quality education and awareness with regards to understanding or handling various forms of disabilities. Currently, the school accommodates 162 children out of which 68 are enrolled for the boarding. They are high priority individuals who receive minimal support outside the school environment.

The School has received and continues to receive positive response and great support from the community. The Founder of the school along with the members of staff are always delighted to receive any extra help with resources and different teaching methods. They all work as a team and are keen to learn further to improve the level of support towards the children. For instance, Devon Legare with adequate experience has helped implement innovative methods of teaching for the staff  which has shown incredible progress and results in the last 12 months.

Group Discussion for the parents were initiated recently, encouraging parents to openly raise questions and concerns regarding their children. These sessions are helping change the attitude of the parents towards their children in the most positive manner. With NTM’s support, the school has been able to progress and develop immensely while ensuring children’s comfort, security and well-being. We are grateful for the support and attention given to these children and this incredibly dedicated school which will hopefully prove itself to be the one of the top schools for special needs children in the county.